Enchanting fairy trails for the whole family to enjoy

Enchanting fairy trails for the whole family to enjoy

Something magical awaits!

Fairies hide in all manner of places - from potting sheds and wildflower meadows, to streams and majestic trees, will you spot them? Come and take a walk and see who you can find in the woods!

Fairy trails are designed for children of all ages and are perfect for families. Discover the natural world around you, and be immersed in nature! Each trail is adorned with giant dandelions and toadstools – you will feel like you have stepped into an enchanted world.

What gems will you find?

While exploring your surroundings, not only will you discover our fairy friends, but you will see the true beauty of the landscape they live in! Often the trails start and finish in the formal gardens but meander into the surrounding woodland areas – providing you with ample opportunity to explore and appreciate the natural surroundings.

Will you find the friendly dragons chatting with the sprites? Fairies frolicking with the majestic unicorns? Maybe even the shyest resident, Stan the Stag, will venture out of the forest! Take a wander into the woodland where these magical creatures live and be enchanted by their magical fairy spell!

A green bow with a green background

Recently discovered: Boggarts!

These magical creatures are mischievous and extremely hard to find due to their elaborate disguises – see if you can spot one on your trail!